We all know what street harassment is, but do you know what “drive-by” street harassment is?

Allow us to tell you about this particularly creepy form of verbal assault. It’s when you’re walking down the street, or just sitting in a public space, focused on your own thoughts and minding your own business, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy gets right up in your ear, close enough to feel his hot breath, and whispers a sexually-charged comment. “Nice titties,” is what some dude felt compelled to softly vomit into the ear canal of one of our WYSK team members.

When you’ve barely even had a chance to process what just happened – just like that, the guy is gone, and you are left stunned (and needing an ear, if not full body, shower).

After experiencing drive-by street harassment personally, comedy duo Ginny Leise and Soojeong Son wondered, “What if men were exposed to the phenomenon first-hand? How would they handle the unsolicited attention?”

So, in an effort to raise awareness of this vial act, the women took to the streets of NYC to conduct the “definitive social experiment on harassment.” Approaching unsuspecting men, Soo whispers crude, sexual “compliments,” while Ginny, behind the camera, captures their reactions.

And the results, well, are not quite what we expected.

About Soo and Ginny


Soo, a comedian and choreographer, and Ginny, a comedy writer and performer who’s appeared on live comedy shows like “Awkward Sex and the City,” met in an improv class a few years ago. The duo started an improv team called Das Buttverk, and in 2014, began producing The Shame Game, a live event in which stand-up comedians face-off to tell the night’s most shameful personal story.