By Laura Lawson – It was 2013, I was 23 years old and wasting my life away. At nearly 200 lbs I didn’t even recognise my own reflection. The last five years were spent drinking every weekend, eating anything I could get my hands on and spending every evening locked in my room playing the Xbox.

I tried to figure what had happened to me, how I ended up here. Blaming everything on everyone else was no longer working. My work sucked, my life sucked, I was fat, sad, lonely. I came up with every excuse until I realised only I could change my life! Sitting feeling sorry for myself wasn’t doing me any good.

I decided to write a list of things to do to get myself out of this rut. It started off small: climb a hill, dye my hair pink, grow vegetables, etc. The satisfaction I gained from crossing something off of a list gave me the idea for Completing The Bucket List!


Number 1: the bungee jump. What a rush! Why hadn’t I done this before? Taking the leap (both literally and figuratively) led me to think about all of the other life experiences I had been missing out on. I began to wonder about what other crazy, yet amazing, things I could do.

So I got to work on extending my list, thinking about all of the ways I could spice up my life, and create more great, fun and unforgettable moments. The thought of being on my death bed having spent my whole life like I had been scared me, and I wanted no regrets.

Over the last few years, I have been working my way through the list. It has been a lot of living in a short period of time. So far I got my first tattoo, went sky diving, zip lined over alligators, drove a speedboat, went parasailing, saw the Grand Canyon, swam with sea turtles, ate fondue, learned CPR, among many other big and small life altering experiences.


The more new experiences I had the more my life changed. I left a job I hated, finally gained some qualifications, and moved in with my boyfriend who has since become my husband. I have more energy. I stopped drinking, ran my first 5k, climbed hills, went to burlesque classes and roller derby, and through all of this have lost 45lbs.

And one day I looked in the mirror and saw myself again. I was finally happy.

I still have so many life experiences, and bucket list items to cross off. Since I’m not a millionaire (yet) and work a 40 hour a week day job with a new part time business on the side, some of the larger items on my list I won’t manage to complete for many years. But, what I have learned the most from Completing My Bucket List is that anything is possible when you decide what is important to you.

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