As we know, street harassment is a reality many women have to deal with everyday. In fact, sixty-five percent of women have reported being targeted by street harassment during their lives, and forty-one percent have been victim to physical harassment, including groping and flashing.

And while some people think this type of harassment should be considered a compliment, it is not. It’s harmful and in some cases can pose serious danger to the victim. In this video from Bustle, bike messengers from Philadelphia talk about how street harassment affects them and makes their jobs more dangerous.

The women featured in the video share some of the harrowing situations they have found themselves in while just trying to do their job. “I’m trying to work, and just because I have boobs, doesn’t mean that I want you to invade my space,” says one woman.

Being a bike messenger is really hard work and comes with a lot of intrinsic risk, and clearly even more so if you are a woman. “You become a bit jaded, because what else are you going to do, are you just gonna go home and cry or something? No.”

For more information, support and advice contact the National Street Harassment Hotline – toll free: 855-897-5910 or use a secure IM chat service.

Source: Stop Street Harassment