WYSKs Lauren (Lo) Fleshman and Róisín (Ro) McGettigan are true champions, especially when it comes to believing in yourself and the power of positive visual cues as vehicles to do that. The professional runners have been using this proven, edge gaining technique in sport and in life since 2003. Seven years later, determined to share the secret of their success with other women, they launched an inspiring brand that incorporates positive visualization tools into super cool apparel and more. It’s called Believe I Am and its mission is to help women kick ass at anything they set out to do.

In order to accomplish a goal, ANY goal, Lo, the USA Champion, and Ro, the Irish Olympian, who met as Rookies on the international Pro Track and Field Circuit, believe that, “you have to learn to keep your focus where you need it most: on positive, empowering things.” While we agree with that theory and the power of positive thinking à la The “I think I can, I think I can” Little Engine That Could, the challenge comes in learning how to put it into practice.

That’s where Lo and Ro come in. They explain, “Many people think that belief in yourself is something you are born with. That is not true. Belief is not a given. Belief is practiced. Belief is earned.” Their Believe I Am brand offers a collection of wearable and useable tools that can help women eliminate the negative chatter in our heads and remind us to think positive thoughts about ourselves, as we head on our respective paths to Super You-ville.

Ro McGettigan and Lauren Fleshman

It’s very typical for professional athletes to use cues or mantras to help anchor their thoughts and evoke a certain state of mind and emotion, all to maximize their performance. So why can’t that same principle be applied to the game of life, off the field, court or track? Lauren and Ro say it can and that’s why everything they make – apparel, jewelry, temporary tattoos, training journal, prints & cards – features “visual cues” in the form of eye-catching statements or words.

BIA WordsThey explain, “When you use visual cues, they help you form positive beliefs about yourself, and positive self beliefs make you brave enough to set goals, dedicated enough to put the work in, focused enough to make good life choices that support your goals, and confident enough to give your all without fear of failure.” Then you are mentally and emotionally equipped to be what you want to be and do what you want to do, to “Believe I Am (fill in positive word)”.

Based on their experience of what works and what they like, Lo and Ro personally create every Believe I Am design. Their inspiring messages are personal, for the wearer, and their visual cues are based on words Lauren and Ro use to inspire themselves. “But we didn’t want to put ‘I Am Awesome’ on our chests in big bold type because that’s not our style.” Rather, they chose their words wisely and gave them a visual twist… an artistic transformation from standard letters into beautiful, fun, cryptic designs.

The designs make you look twice at what you see and then an empowering word or mantra seems to magically surface from within a flower or organic shape. You see the word, you wear the word, you feel the word, and over time you become the word.

We LOVE this and have become believers, ready to set a goal and “Believe I Am… just about anything!”

PS – Have a fitness challenge you’d like to tackle? Be sure to check out their mind/body B.I.A. Training Journal. It’s packed with tips and tricks from Lo and Ro, along with inspiration from 12 women leaders in sport. It will keep you accountable, help you set and achieve goals and make training more fun. The best part… every page is illustrated by Lo and Ro.

Here’s our favorite design… with one of our favorite WYSKy words: STRONG!