In a brilliant, be careful what you wish for moment, comedy writer and freelance illustrator, Tyler Feder, gives us a glimpse of what having human legs would make Ariel quickly realize about the “beauty” of womanhood. We LOVE it!

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Little Mermaid

About Tyler Feder

Tyler FederFirst and foremost, Tyler is a lady, which, she says, “some people find confusing.” Secondly, she says, “I write sketches but I also draw sketches and this confuses my grandparents like you wouldn’t believe.”

This Woman You Should Know finger painted the invitations to her first birthday party and hasn’t stopped creating since! Now, she’s in the writing program at the Second City and draws pictures for a living. Her work is inspired by some of her favorite things (namely: NBC comedies, food, cats, and cheesy self-help mumbo jumbo).