Artists Candace Patterson and Will Kiser, committed partners in life and in “making art for the people,” set out to create an inspiration packed, visual mashup centered on the two things they are obsessed with most: cats and pop art. The result is NINE LIVES, an original series of awesome prints featuring iconic heroes from their childhoods re-imagined as cats. Among them… four fearless females.

The idea for the series came to the Charleston, South Carolina based duo (a.k.a. Dos Bandidos) after asking the question, “If you had NINE LIVES how would you live them?”

In thinking about how they would do life again, and again, and again (8 more times, if given the chance), Candace and Will focused on who inspired them when they were kids; men and women who made them want to fly to the moon, be super heroes, make music, or just think about the world differently. Then they took each of their iconic heroes and made them EVEN COOLER, by drawing them, pop art style, as cats!

The 9 feline-ified heroes in the NINE LIVES series include rock legend David Bowie, grunge music pioneer Kurt Cobain, past and present pro wrestlers Randy “Macho Man” Savage and CM Punk, a young, idealist Fidel Castro, along with these four kickass women: Amelia Earhart, Wonder Woman, Joan Jett, and Queen Elizabeth.

Each original print is hand drawn, then hand printed by Candace and Will using water based ink.

PS – Lest anyone think you have to be a Crazy Cat Lady (or Gent) to love this series, you are purrrfectly mistaken. The concept is unique, the art is killer, and the message is universal… “We’re ONLY given this ONE LIFE! Don’t waste it.”

Amelia Earhart


“I grew up in awe of Amelia Earhart’s adventurous spirit, and now I love to travel,” Candace told WYSK. “I love that she never stopped pushing for her dream. She never let anything hold her back from her vision. Will loves her because she was a daredevil aviator.” print available here

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman_Cat

“Wonder Woman resonated with both of us because Will grew up on comic books and she was his first example of an independent woman. For me, Wonder Woman represents past/present/future, a strong woman who can fight for the good of the people. I also love her badass persona.” print available here

Joan Jett

Joan Jet_Cat

“Joan Jett is a powerful rock goddess who blurs the lines between gender, and also rocks really hard! ‘Bad Reputation’ was my anthem in high school. In my opinion, she is the coolest woman ever! For Will, she’s just badass; she can hold her ground with anyone in the music business.” print available here

Queen Elizabeth

Queen B

“Queen B came about because we wanted to use the most magnanimous woman in our history to represent our cat, Baby, who passed away last year.” Candace added, “She was our light. She was our child. No one represents elegance and dignified power better than the QUEEN.” print available here