When Marie Claire South Africa approached Colleen Clark about a project on “making a feminist Barbie,” the talented illustrator and comic-maker was excited to have the chance to add to the discussion about the “really complex feminine icon.” Her contribution was an acceptance-championing Barbie complete with her own inclusive collection of reimagined “dolls”.

“I think a feminist Barbie would love her body and love my body too, because feminism is all about accepting yourself and others for who we all are,” Colleen explained on her tumbr page. “‘A feminist Barbie’ would be proud of her own thin frame and proud of another woman’s curvier one. She would be proud of a woman’s decision to own her own body by deciding to tattoo it, strengthen it, or wear religious coverings.”

She concluded, “If being a Barbie girl (or boy, or anything in between) meant being accepted and accepting of others, I think we’d all want to be on Barbie’s side.” We could not agree more and love Colleen’s message, along with the collection she dreamed up.





All images are copyright Colleen Clark 2014 and republished on Women You Should Know with her permission.

More About Colleen

Colleen ClarkColleen Clark is an illustrator from Washington DC, currently working in Columbus, OH. She does freelance and commissioned work with comics, editorial illustration, illustration and design. Her favorite things in the world are dogs, Star Trek, and Tina Fey.

After studying Illustration with a minor in Writing, Colleen says, “I found I think most coherently in prose and images mashed together, so comics work for me!” Her comics range from “short silly anecdotes to deeper emotional thoughts, but always with some observational humor and uplifting notes”. As for her oh so WYSKy goal, it’s “to seek out stories that aren’t being told and give them a voice.”

Be sure to check out more of Colleen’s inspiring art on her site and tumblr page.