For the twenty-plus years I have owned this decorative country-style wooden calendar, I have experienced a flashpoint of rage every June 1st when I flip the banner tile over from May to June, and move the date tiles around. I always check my paper calendar to see if there are any special holiday tiles to be displayed each month. My calendar has a painted Christmas tree on the back of the #25 tile, a red Valentine’s heart on the back of the #14 tile, and various other special tiles not associated with specific dates, like birthday cakes, a cornucopia of gourds for Thanksgiving, and oh, this tile with two little white flowers on it that says “Moms Day.” It’s not even grammatically correct. Apostrophes people!

Moms Day

Behold the problem. Where is the “Dad’s Day” tile for this month? This calendar hangs in my kitchen and every June I curse it. Why has the solution not occurred to me before now?

Here is the solution:

Dad's Day

My husband pointed out to me that when I was pregnant, I painted a baby rattle on the back of tile #8, because that was my due date the December I had my daughter. He understandably asked me why—if it bothers me so much, and it does—I don’t just paint the back of, say, the Easter tile with a Father’s Day icon of perhaps a fishing rod. Sure I could do that, but then there would be no call-out of the sexism of the calendar. Shaming my calendar has become important to me.

Who designed this calendar? Phyllis Schlafly? Camille Paglia? This happy homemaker?

Happy Homemaker

Or maybe it was a man who loves women, cherishes them in fact, and wanted to highlight the special role of moms. Men, after all, support their families financially, but do not change diapers and do not want or need cutesy calendar tiles celebrating their parental status. But women do! It’s their most important role in life.

Gawd the mystery bugs me. WHO DID THIS??

Anyhoo, Happy Father’s Day to all the fantastic men out there who nurture children and share in their upbringing. You deserve a special “Dad’s Day” tile at the very least!

Lori Day new headshotAbout The Author

Lori Day is an educational psychologist, consultant and parenting coach with Lori Day Consulting in Newburyport, MA. She is the author of Her Next Chapter: How Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Can Help Girls Navigate Malicious Media, Risky Relationships, Girl Gossip, and So Much More, and speaks on the topic of raising confident girls in a disempowering marketing and media culture. You can connect with Lori on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.