There have been only four occasions when we have covered milk as a topic of interest: the woman who made it safe to drink, the woman who used it in the title of her newest piece of artwork, the “Hey Ma, Got Milk?” OREO breastfeeding ad, and the woman who made clothes from it. But we’ve certainly never had a reason to write about its evaporated sister… powdered milk. That is until we were hypnotized into doing so by these stunning images.

They were shot by Jeffrey Vanhoutte for an integrated marketing campaign created by Belgium based creative agency Norvell Jefferson, whose client is the Dutch company Friesland Campina Kievit. They make powdered milk, and are apparently unleashing a new generation of creamers that they claim “are about to take over the world.”

The model featured in the images is a professional acrobatic dancer, and the powered milk she’s surrounded by and tossing into the air is the real dehydrated dairy deal. Jeffrey says he used “really fast flash duration so it could freeze the particles of the powder.” Well done sir!

Must have been a messy shoot, but the results are gorgeous.

Powdered milk_1

Powdered milk_2

Powdered milk_5

Powdered milk_6

Powdered milk_3