If you’re looking for an amazing Halloween disguise and aren’t interested in being a sexy hamburger (yes for real), check out these incredible face paintings by Lara Hawker for some inspiration.

Lara, 19, is a self taught make-up artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. She started face painting at 14 and has “never looked back.”

Inspired by pop culture, superheroes, comics and nature, Lara is particularly fascinated with optical illusions and their ability to “trick the brain.” She has been racking up awards for her incredible work at local body art conventions and through online contests.

Currently, Lara is developing her first YouTube tutorial and is working towards securing a scholarship to study at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles.

We are pretty certain it’s only a matter of time before we see this determined young woman accepting an Academy Award for her incredible work!

Lara working on her first tutorial

Lara working on her first tutorial

Here are a few of Lara’s masterpieces… you can check out more on her Tumblr, Facebook and Deviant Art pages.






All images via Lara Hawker