At 96 years young, Inge Ginsberg brings new meaning to “it’s never to late to start something new!”

Raised in Austria, Inge escaped the Holocaust, and in 1942 made it to a refugee camp in Switzerland. During her time there, she looked after a spy villa in Lugano for the Secret Service, and also met her future husband, composer Otto Kollmann.

After the war, the two took their talents to Hollywood where they wrote songs together for revered talents such as Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, etc.

Inge has continued to write lyrics and poetry throughout her life, which is what led her to start performing Heavy Metal music at the age of 93. Yes, head-banging Heavy Metal.

This short documentary from the New York Times gives us a fascinating look at Inge’s life, inspiration, and advice on aging… “It’s important to stay active and surround yourself with young people, and keep doing things you’ve never done before.” Stay young Inge!