In a statement about unobtainable beauty ideals, Hungarian pop singer Boggie (Csemer Boglarka) performs her song, Nouveau Parfum, while being retouched in real time. The topic of retouching in advertising and media isn’t a new one, but seeing the transformation this way is startling, to say the least.

Starting out make-up free, with her hair unstyled, the pop star is taken from natural beauty to “ideal” glamorous beauty right in front of our eyes.

In a statement about the video, the 27-year old pop star said that “women open magazines and they have to face that on the pages everyone looks perfect, therefore they start to feel imperfect themselves.” Boggie wanted to expose the the process so that women “shouldn’t try to compete with this perfectionism and manipulation. People should accept themselves on their good days and bad days, which is a hard process, but it pays out at the end.”