Introducing Mix’d Ingrdnts… a multi-ethnic and diverse collective of women artists who work together as an all styles dance company.

Founded in 2010, co-founders Jenay Anolin and Samara Atkins started the dance group as a way of artistic self-expression and to inspire social change and acceptance in their Oakland, CA community.

The group combines hip-hop moves with breakdancing, house, samba, waacking, ballet, and jazz to tell stories and share messages of hope and inclusiveness.

It was at an audition in 2008 that the women came up with the idea for an all-female, mixed genre dance company. “A lot of the groups we were seeing had a heavy focus on the objectification of women from the music to the actual dance movement… we didn’t feel very empowered,” Jenay and Samara explain in this short video doc. “The groups didn’t have the essence of what we wanted to portray as dancers, which is freedom, confidence and empowerment. We just wanted to be something different.”

And that they are!

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