While Dictionary Day is intended to honor Mr. Noah Webster, the Father of the American Dictionary, we’re making it all about us, the Mothers of the Global WYSK-tionary. As a dynamic force of inspiration and information, an innovative connector of people and a community of smart, savvy women, Women You Should Know® rightfully requires its very own lingo, which is why we created this tome of uniquely WYSKy words.

So for those of you who want to expand your vocabulary, we challenge you to learn a little WYSKish – the local dialect of English spoken on and by Women You Should Know.

Here is a rundown of the essential jargon you need to know from our first edition WYSK-tionary, published July 12, 2012.

Women You Should Know® WYSK-tionary

WYSK® (noun)

1. A digital destination where smart, savvy types comes to learn about the women they should know and to explore a range of lifestyle topics and how they relate to women: career, consumption, health and wellness, entertainment, sports/athletics, political and off beat news, etc.

2. Shorthand and/or acronym for the Women You Should Know® brand and community.

WYSKy (adjective)

People, places, things, or topics of interest that speak to and/or embody the spirit and mission of Women You Should Know®: to shine a spotlight on every day women who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared and to celebrate all things related to dynamic women… our drive and passion, our interesting stories and professional talents, what we care about, what we consume and how we live.

WYSKer (noun)

1. A person who embodies the spirit of Women You Should Know®

2. A person who has been featured or profiled on Women You Should Know®

WYSKers (plural)

WYSKophile (noun)

A person who loves or greatly admires Women You Should Know®, the culture surrounding it and all things WYSKy.

WYSKing (noun)

1. The act of writing for or about Women You Should Know®.

2. The act of reading a post on Women You Should Know®, watching a WYSK video profile, submitting a nominee for the Your Stories section of the WYSK site or commenting on a post.

WYSKology (noun)

A specialty field focused on the study of Women You Should Know® and all things that surround and relate to the brand and community.

WYSKometer (noun)

The complex calculating device used to assess if someone is a Woman You Should Know, as in “Where does she fall on the WYSKometer?”

WYSKoholic (noun)

A person who consumes WYSK to excess; an addict of Women You Should Know®.

* Note: there is no known cure for WYSKoholism and it may be a genetic condition.