Janet, a WYSK reader from Miami, FL recently contacted Women You Should Know to let us know about Edie Bornstein – Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Azamara Club Cruises. Janet shared this inspiring story of Edie, a driven and successful, professional woman who approaches business and life with confidence and the courage of her convictions.

Way back in 1990, a young, high-energy woman named Edie Bornstein walked into the San Francisco offices of Larry Pimentel for a prearranged meeting, sat down in front of the cruise line president and began a non-stop monologue that lasted more than 10 minutes.

“I was mesmerized,” recalls Pimentel today. At that time Edie was a VP for Amadeus Global Distribution System where she was instrumental in the implementation of automated solutions for the cruise industry.

“The first thing she said to me was,” Pimentel continues, “‘You’re going to sign a contract with me for this Amadeus program, that’s a given, but first let me tell you a few things about your business.'”

Edie had pored over Pimentel’s cruise company’s annual brochures endlessly, liked them but had “a lot of solid ideas for improvement,” recalls Pimentel, then President, CEO and co-owner of Seabourn Cruise Line. And as she left Pimentel’s office that day, she said, “I like your style. Someday I’m going to work for you.” Pimentel replied, “I like your style and someday you will.” And now she does. (And by the way she got the Amadeus contract.) In short Edie had done her homework. And she wasn’t lacking in drive and confidence or shy about her convictions. And now, more than 20 years later, the drive and confidence and the convictions are in tact.

Edie was appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Azamara Club Cruises in September 2009 by President & CEO Larry Pimentel, who joined the line in July 2009. “I remember that first meeting very well and Edie and I kept in touch through all those years,” he says. She is currently the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Prior to joining Azamara, Edie was Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Carnival Cruise Lines. Previously she was a senior officer at Cunard and Seabourn Cruise Lines where she developed profitable strategic plans and led partnerships with organizations including Canyon Ranch Spa, Hermes, Chopard, Dunhill, Waterford, Wedgwood, Veuve Clicquot, Todd English and more. And, as related above, still earlier she also served as Vice President of Special Sales of Amadeus.

Edie BornsteinToday, Edie leads a small, brand-dedicated marketing team and a field sales organization and works closely with the extensive global network of Azamara Club Cruises’ parent Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd. (RCL) outside of North America.

She cites her life’s passions as family, friends and community charities. “The true love of my life is my son Max, a senior at University of Miami. I also include among my passions a hunger to grow and learn and travel the world. And those who know me understand my music passion for the great pop artist Rod Stewart. My business idols are Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. My mentors are my parents, who instilled in me the confidence and belief in myself, my fiancé Tom, and Larry Pimentel.

Pimentel weighs in with other defining words for Edie Bornstein: “positive, confident, energetic, professional, tough but loving and kind-hearted.”

Edie adds a closing note, “It is better to dare to fail than fail to dare.”