IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IT DID NOT. We say “HOORAY!”… not because we’re still here (we knew we would be), but because we can finally be rid of all the 12.21.12 end of the world claims, most of which relied on “wishful thinking, wild pseudoscientific folly, ignorance of astronomy, and a level of paranoia worthy of Night of the Living Dead”, as E. C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory in LA so perfectly put it. Since the world did not combust or implode and was not swallowed up by a giant black hole, this is what you should know about today: 12.21.12.

12.21.12 is the Winter Solstice

Winter SolsticeIt’s officially winter! At precisely 7:11 a.m. EST today winter begins for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

THE BAD NEWS: it’s the shortest day and longest night of the year. In fact, if you happen to live north of the Arctic Circle, in say Santa’s North Pole ‘hood for example, you will have 24 hours of darkness today… bummer.

THE GOOD NEWS: days will gradually lengthen with more daylight hours from today on, over the next six months.

12.21.12 is Humbug Day

Humbug!Calling all scrooges, grinches and grouches. Today is your FREE PASS to let everyone know how you really feel about the holiday season. The stress, the crowds, crazy Uncle Marty, bankrupting yourself to buy gifts for everyone on your list (even the people you don’t necessarily like), the obligatory tipping of practically anyone who provides you with some sort of service, etc. Just let ‘er rip and get it all out!

12.21.12 is National Look At The Bright Side Day

Bright SideThink “half full”, embrace optimism, have a little hope, put on a happy face… now is your chance to be positive!

Seems fittingly ironic to celebrate this whacky, unofficial holiday on what is the darkest day of the year and the day that the world was supposed to end.

So, take your pick of what part of today you want to celebrate…there’s something for everyone to cheer.

We’re pretty sure that even the ancient Maya are laughing today, knowing how inept the seers, survivalists, and doomsdayers of the modern world were at interpreting the meaning of their infamous calendar.