This week marks the start of one of our favorite times of year, the Girl Scout cookie sale! To celebrate their 100 years of service, the Girl Scouts have added a new cookie to their assortment – Savannah Smiles – named after the Georgia city where founder Juliette Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scout troop in 1912.

Savannah Smiles are tasty, bite-size lemon cookies, dusted in confectioners’ sugar. If you are a Girl Scout cookie connoisseur, you may actually recognize them. This cookie was originally called the Lemon Cooler before being put into cookie retirement in 2003, and has gotten a facelift with its new box to go along with the new name for this selling season.

Last year, Girl Scouts sold over 200 million boxes of cookies and according to their website, 25% sold were Thin Mints, followed by Samoas at 19%, and Tagalongs with 13%. Whether or not the new Savannah Smiles will be able to compete with the rest of the cookie lineup remains to be seen, but we’ll sure be giving them a try!

Girl-Scout-logoAs much as we may all associate Girl Scouts with cookies, the organization is much more than just that. For the past 100 years, Girl Scouts has been dedicated to building girls of “courage, character, and confidence” through its programs and activities. In preparing to celebrate this centennial year, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has declared 2012 the Year of the Girl, “a celebration of girls, recognition of their leadership potential, and a commitment to creating a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals in support of balanced leadership in the workplace and in communities across the country.”

This initiative will include fundraising and an advocacy program dedicated to girls’ issues. It is the hope of GSUSA to set off a revolution of sorts, one that can break down the barriers that prohibit girls from leading and achieving success in all areas of industry.

Clearly Savannah Smiles is more than just a new cookie, it provides an opportunity to build our future Women You Should Know. Loosen your belts and make room in the pantry!