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“In 1962, virtually nothing was known about chimps in the world. One woman went where no man dared to go. What she discovered would change the world.” Her name is Jane Goodall (1934 – ) and this just released National Geographic documentary captures the early years of the pioneering primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and environmental activist, using never-before-seen footage of her work in Gombe from over 50 years ago.

Drawing from a trove of over 100 hours of footage from the 1960s that was unearthed in the National Geographic archives, JANE “tells the true story of Jane Goodall as a young woman whose chimpanzee research challenged the male-dominated scientific consensus of her time and revolutionized our understanding of the natural world.”

The film, from award-winning director Brett Morgen, offers “an unprecedented, intimate portrait of the trailblazer who defied the odds to become one of the world’s most admired conservationists.”

JANE just started screening in theaters around the country and additional cities will be added soon. Check here for a theater near you.

Jane Goodall