Even with vile lyrics that seemingly celebrate sexual violence, “Hit her from the back, pullin’ on her tracks, and now she screamin’ out, ‘no más’”, Post Malone’s “Rockstar,” featuring 21 Savage, is now in its fourth week in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Recognizing the impact that popular music can have on people’s thoughts, perceptions and actions, Julia Freifeld, a singer-songwriter and women’s empowerment activist, is saying “no más” to songs like his that overtly objectify, disrespect and demean women. So she made this cover response to his “Rockstar”, and throws Malone’s lyrics right back at him.

In an email to WYSK, Julia shared, “I think the widespread disrespect of women in the music industry is something we should all be talking about, but it seems that the vast amount of consumers aren’t even aware of how harmful popular lyrics are these days.” She added, “If popular music is referring to women as bitches and casually talking about having sex with women who are screaming ‘no more’ then that’s what becomes normalized.”

“Derogatory lyrics that objectify women have become far too normalized in the mainstream music industry and I am taking a stand against it.”

Julia’s intention with doing this “Rockstar” cover response was not “to attack Post Malone and 21 Savage, but rather to critique the degradation of women in mainstream music.” Her ultimate goal is to inspire people “to think twice about what they are complacently endorsing on a day to day basis,” and to encourage “pop stars use their fame to spread compassionate messages.”

She noted, “It’s important to recognize that we are in control of what’s considered popular music and we have the power to change it.”

Julia’s “Rockstar” Cover Response Lyrics (Graphic Language):
You’ve been fuckin hoes and popping pills I’m sure you feel just like a rockstar
All your brothers got that gas and they be smoking like a rasta
Fuck our minds up with your lyrics just so you feel like a rockstar
And when your homies show up on your block you teach respect it’s not so hard
You’ve been in the hills fucking superstars mindless like a pop star
Drinkin henny calling women bitches don’t make you a pop star
Hit her from the back pullin on her tracks now she’s screaming no más
Hold up Savage no means no and don’t you know that shit puts you behind bars 
I ain’t with the raping how’d you miss that
[making] money with these lyrics I don’t get that
If girls ain’t feeling safe, we don’t show that
All I’m asking is to get our respect back
Living like a rockstar, only gets you so far, 
Post you’re still at your start, I know that you are smart
You done made the hot chart, don’t misuse the fame card
It time to do your part and fix the world as a rockstar

What Else You Should Know About Julia

Julia’s interest in women’s empowerment was initially sparked by tragedy. “Two of my best friends were sexually assaulted in the first two weeks of college, and it moved me to action. So I became a certified crisis counselor, and began helping survivors in San Luis Obispo county at an organization called RISE.” Since this time, Julia has focused a large part of her songwriting on songs that aim to empower survivors of sexual violence. She continues on her mission to use her voice for change. To hear more from Julia, follow her on Instagram