At sixteen Ali Lambert Voron lost her hair to alopecia universalis. At thirty-three, she lost her colon to a severe bout of ulcerative colitis. What she hasn’t ever lost is the inner and outer beauty that she hopes to encourage others to discover within themselves through her Just Be You campaign.

“After baring my head and living my life as a bald woman for over two decades, I’ve realized that beauty cannot not be measured by others, and only you can choose fight or flight.” It was this realization that led Ali to start Just Be You and produce the powerful Beautiful In My Eyes PSA.

Ali adds, “Through acceptance, one can more readily navigate the world that will inevitably have bumps in the road. This PSA serves as a visual representation of everything that Just Be You stands for.”

In addition to the video, Ali, along with her husband Michael, is working on developing several outreach programs through Just Be You including an educational curriculum for schools, a web series featuring inspiring stories of others overcoming adversity, and raising funds to continue her Bald Dolls 4 Bald Kids charity which provides bald dolls to children facing hair loss.

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