Daniel, a reader in Texas, contacted WYSK to tell us why we should know his boss, Kathy Douglass, CEO of The Greensheet, a leading print ad publication in Houston. As he explains in his own words below, her story is the continuation of a proud tradition of fearless female leadership at The Greensheet and we agree that Kathy is a Woman You Should Know.

Ms. Douglass is an amazing woman with great leadership and business knowledge. Her story is the continuation of a proud tradition of female leadership at The Greensheet.

Our company was founded in 1970 by Kathy’s mother Helen Gordon, a tough entrepreneur who faced incredible resistance from the male-dominated Texas business network.

Ms. Gordon showed great resolve in getting the company off the ground and turned The Greensheet into a classified publication powerhouse. By the time she retired, Ms. Gordon had grown the company to one of the most successful in the state.

Kathy picked up where her mother left off in 1994, continuing the strong performance of The Greensheet. In 2005, the company successfully entered the offset printing business at a time when the move was very difficult to make. On December 28th of that year, Ms. Douglass managed to secure The New York Times as a client. The Greensheet has printed the Houston edition of the Times as well as several other major publications ever since.

The Greensheet LogoStarting in 2007, The Greensheet has become more heavily involved in creating a cyber product and presence. Given our heritage as a print publication, this has not been easy. But just as our CEO has faced down past challenges, she has performed admirably in the face of this one. Our revenues remain steady, and our presence in social media has really boomed.

We know the challenges our organization faces aren’t over; in fact, for any successful business, they may never end. Yet our company is dedicated to the cause and motivated by its leadership. Ms. Douglass is a great employee manager, executive thinker and inspirational leader. Beloved by the company and respected for her innovation, Kathy Douglass is most certainly a woman you should know.