Krystal Cantu, of San Antonio, TX, was training for her first ever CrossFit competition when she and her boyfriend were in a car accident that resulted in Krystal having her right arm amputated.

Competitive all her life, she couldn’t imagine giving up her passion of CrossFit, a notoriously demanding fitness program that combines heavy weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio.

Full of determination and courage, Krystal went back to the gym just a month after the accident. Working with a coach, she developed new movements and adaptations of the CrossFit training regiment, and quickly built her endurance back up.

“Never make excuses. Know that there is someone out there that has it worse than you do.”

Just three months later, Krystal entered her first competition, the Working Wounded Games for people with disabilities. She didn’t win, but she didn’t come in last. Today, with increased fierceness, Krystal is able to lift a 210lb bar clear above her head with only one arm, a move that many competitors with two arms can’t accomplish.

Currently working as an IT specialist, Krystal is looking toward competing professionally as an Adaptive CrossFit athlete.

Krystal doesn’t believe in giving up. She says in her CrossFit profile, “Every day I get stronger and every day I prove to myself that the human body is an amazing thing when you have the right mind set. Never make excuses. Know that there is someone out there that has it worse than you do. I may have only one arm, but I have the highest spirits and the biggest heart.”

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