Meet Krystyna Kubran. The 5′ 3″ powerhouse is one of only about 20 women out of the more than 300 men who race motorcycles in California, and she’s quickly becoming one of the fastest.

Apparently, this gets some of the guys she races against pretty riled up. Krystyna says, “The pigtails are pretty easy to spot on the racetrack. One guy told me that he was getting angrier and angrier as he was trying to catch me, and he said, ‘Your pigtails were flapping in the wind back there like ha, ha… ha, ha.'”

“If I end up inspiring other girls to go pursue their dreams whether it’s to ride a motorcycle or to go after that college degree or pursue whatever it is that they’re excited about, then I’m happy with that.”

When she’s not racing around the track at 170 mph, cheered on by her dog Duke, who’s also her co-pilot, garage buddy, pit crew, and personal security force, Krystyna is a mechanical engineer who makes turbo chargers. She explains that she’s someone who has always gravitated toward traditional male dominated fields. “It’s just the way my brain operates.”

And for all the men who tell her she’s “too intimidating” to date, Krystyna has some words of wisdom for them, “I don’t want to have a penis. I like being a girl. But just because I do stuff doesn’t mean you’re any less of a man.”