As proud champions of women’s and girls’ empowerment since 2011, we really wanted a product collection that could take our Women You Should Know mission to the streets, literally. Enter our (em)POWER™ Laces… shoelaces, yes, but also a herald of empowerment meant to be worn in any ‘uniquely you’ way. So get ready to lace up, remind yourself what you’re made of, and step forward!

Designed to define and inspire, our (em)POWER Laces are a fun manifestation of the work we do, in meaning-filled, wearable form. “We wanted a simple, but super cool way – with a touch of 80s nostalgia – to stay motivated to keep up the good fight and raise our heads high each time we looked down. So, harnessing the power of words, we created one and it’s really resonating,” notes our co-founder Jen Jones, who is co-creator of (em)POWER Laces. “From our very first concept sketch, people have been flipping over our laces.”

The (em)POWER Laces collection currently includes 5 sister styles – BADASS, FEMINIST, WARRIOR, and FEARLESS (the twins). Each comes in a specific color combination, with all featuring a power-packed word punctuated by our trademark woman symbol, where strength meets heart.

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empower laces

While they are shoelaces at their core, we make it playfully clear on the collection’s official IG – @empower_laces – that there are so many creative ways you can rock (em)POWER Laces… shoes not always required.

We’ve posted and received all sorts of great photos of our laces in action, from the expected to the wildly unique,” says Cynthia Hornig, (em)POWER Laces co-creator and our co-founder. “They’ve been threaded through a hoodie, used as a handbag pull, belt, bracelet and hairband, and even braided old-school, summer camp-style into a keychain lanyard. But our favorite, to date, is seeing them woven through a pair of $790 Prada pumps, which by our estimation ups the value of those shoes to priceless.”

Participants at the 2018 Women’s March in NYC, Boston, LA, and Nashville got a sneak peek of FEARLESS and FEMINIST as they were worn by several inspiring women everyone should know, including Brenda Berkman, the first woman firefighter of the FDNY. The (em)POWER Laces collection – with all 5 launch styles – made its official debut on April 28th at Fearless Fest, our signature event that brings our mission of women celebrating and supporting one another to dynamic life.

Since, devoted customers – women and men, ages 7 to 75 – have been lacing up to show the world what they’re made of and what they stand for as they run for office, rock their 10th Boston Marathon, go on an archeological dig, show-off their signature style, protest gun violence at school, dance like everyone is watching, and so much more.

Our (em)POWER Laces are made in the USA exclusively for us by a woman-owned company, of course! And… every purchase directly supports the work we do to help women and girls empower themselves.

Available at, (em)POWER Laces are $9.99 per pair.

WYSK READERS… Use code VIP to receive 15% off your first order.