Actress Katrina P. Day is calling “bullshit” on the character descriptions used in ads seeking actors for auditions with her new Lady Parts blog, a “kind of community service” for actresses.

Katrina publishes real ads she comes across while searching for work as a way to highlight how women are viewed by the entertainment industry, because “female, non-speaking” just won’t cut it.

“This blog is intended to be a place where we can all laugh in the face of sexism, instead of just laughing it off.”

Katrina explains her intention…

Lady Parts calls bullshit on the insidious sexism that lurks in character and project breakdowns on popular casting websites. Our intention is to foster discussion and encourage selectivity about which representations of women we choose to condone, support, or dismiss as female actors. By devoting serious thought to this question, we can reinforce our convictions and generate better, more badass representations of women.

We do not claim to be arbiters of what is or isn’t sexist. It is not our goal to shame any specific individual for posting or submitting to a given breakdown. But we do know what kind of language makes us cringe as we peruse these notices every day, and we’re interested in investigating those reactions. If, during your daily round of submissions, you come upon a breakdown that sets off your sexist bullshit detector, send it our way so we can all talk about it together.

There’s a lot of pressure placed on female actors to laugh off problematic treatment, behavior, and language within the entertainment industry. The examples of nonsense you’ll find here on Lady Parts may be so inept, backwards, and just plain bad that they’re funny, but this blog is intended to be a place where we can all laugh in the face of sexism, instead of just laughing it off. Because while it’s absurd to the point of being hilarious, it’s still fucking absurd.

No summary by WYSK needed as the ads clearly speak for themselves. You can find more here.



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