When you hear the phrase ladylike what does that mean to you? For us, it conjures up images of women in the 50’s, prim, proper and holding a tea cup. But that was the 50’s and today, the phrase ladylike, in the traditional sense, is as out of fashion as the pillbox hat.

In an effort to redefine and expand the idea of what ladylike means, Lynette Love, the founder of the leadership initiative Girls ROC, created #ladylike, a campaign to combat negative female stereotypes.

“Historically, ladylike has meant women and girls spoke only when they were spoken to; were limited to jobs ‘appropriate’ for women; and did not speak their mind, especially in public. Girls ROC wants people to know that being a woman, a girl or a lady is associated with many expected and unexpected attributes, actions and qualities,” Lynette told WYSK.

“Because being a woman, a girl or a lady is associated with many expected and unexpected attributes, actions and qualities.”

Girls ROC is encouraging women and girls of all ages to share their experiences, especially those in roles not typically associated with females. “We are asking women and girls to submit photos, tell us a little bit about the photo and complete the sentence I am #ladylike because…” The photos are then posted on the Girls ROC website and Facebook page to spread the word and provide a visual showcase of new ways to define ladylike.

We just love the idea of taking back a phrase that is traditionally associated with limitations, as something strong and powerful.  Share your definition of ladylike by submitting your photos here.







More about Girls ROC

Girls ROC celebrates, promotes and empowers young women (ages 12-17) through programs and activities that advance equality and opportunity for girls everywhere. The organization is an extension of H-RoC, a local PAC (political action committee) in Clark County, WA with a mission of helping women attain elected and board-level leadership positions. Click here for more information.