You may remember the “average Barbie” image by artist Nickolay Lamm that went viral last summer, showing what it would look like if Barbie had an average woman’s measurements. Well, Nickolay is back, and this time it’s not just an experiment.

average barbieInstead of waiting for a toy company to create the anatomically correct doll, he’s gone and made one. With the help of Robert Rambeau, former VP of manufacturing at Mattel, Nickolay is working with quality manufacturers to execute his design.

The doll, affectionately known as Lammily, promotes the message “Average is beautiful”. Her body proportions are based on the measurements of an average of a 19-year-old woman, she has brown hair and eyes, and comes with just a little bit of makeup. The advanced design shows she also has moveable wrists, knees, elbows, and feet, allowing her to wear a variety of sensible shoes and participate in all sorts of fun activities.


Yesterday, Nickolay launched a crowdfunding campaign, looking to raise $95,000 to begin production on the doll. In just one day, he has received over $92,000 in funds (at the time of this post), with 29 days left. You can check out the campaign here.

UPDATE: Within 2 hours of us posting this story, Nickolay’s crowdfunding campaign to produce Lammily reached $100K+, $5,000 over goal. In less than 24 hours of us posting this story, the campaign is already up over $200K! WOW!