Remember how MacGyver was always able to get himself out of a life or death jam using random, ordinary items like duct tape, a paperclip, and a stick of chewing gum? Well, we’re pretty sure TV’s most resourceful secret agent (1985 – 1992) would trade his trusty Swiss Army Knife for Yaacov Goldberg’s Leatherdos, a multi-purpose hair clip that doubles as a whole bunch of super handy, mini tools.

Macgyver_sakMade of stainless steel, the Leatherdos clip is a fully functional barrette that’s designed to solve so much more than a hair emergency, which MacGyver’s signature mullet could easily qualify as.

Each of the hair clip’s tiny parts has an alter ego that springs into action when crisis strikes. It’s got flat Phillips screwdriver heads (large small), an 8mm (5/16) wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge. So you can use it to cut through rope, tighten a loose screw on your glasses, peel an orange, or even craft makeshift candles, all while rocking a super stylish ‘do.

So if you’re a survivalist, a gadget geek, a MacGyver wannabe, or currently prepping for the zombie apocalypse, springing for a Leatherdos hair clip might be the best $9.99 you’ll ever spend.

Spotted on Gizmodo

Leatherdos Cutting

Leatherdos mini screwdriver

Leatherdos Head

Leatherdos Candle Holder