“I wonder what will happen if I put THIS together with THAT?” That’s the inquisitive spirit that drives Professor C. Bodin, a history making WYSK, who just joined the ranks of LEGO’s 35 year old Minifigure Series as its first female scientist. Her bio describes her as a “brilliant Scientist” whose specialty is finding new and interesting ways to combine things together. Now that’s what we call a female STEM role model, even if she is mini and made out of plastic.

Though we’re not sure what type of “Scientist” she is, the legendary toy maker tells us that Professor Bodin will spend all night in her lab analyzing how to connect bricks of different sizes and shapes or how to mix two colors in one element.

In proudly touting her enviable brainpower and skills, LEGO says, “Thanks to the Scientist’s tireless research, Minifigures that have misplaced their legs can now attach new pieces to let them swim like fish, slither like snakes, and stomp around like robots. Her studies of a certain outer dimension have even perfected a method for swapping body parts at will!”

With all that the Scientist has accomplished to date, her stellar work earned her the coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/DUPLO® Interface! BRAVA!!!

Scientific American montage of other LEGO female minifig torsosIn its recent coverage of Professor Bodin’s break into the (toy) boys club, Fast Company looked at the gender gap in LEGO minifigs, which they point out, “has existed since their debut in 1978, with male minifigs outnumbering females 4:1.” They explain, “A space-themed set with astronauts, rocket scientists, and engineers that also launched in 1978 finally added its first female minifig working in the STEM fields in 1993.”

Though LEGO has added more female characters over the years, Scientific American notes they are often laden with stereotypes… their typical female minifig torsos suggest that girls/women are predominantly into pink, hearts, and showing excess skin.

Hopefully, LEGO’s new female “Scientist”, one of 15 other characters the toy maker just unveiled as part of its Minifigure Series 11 collection, will not be the one-off exception to that historic pattern, but rather the game changer going forward.