Make It Work, a campaign championing economic security for women, men and families across the country, has partnered with actress and YouTube sensation Issa Rae to create Lessons in Equal Pay from Corporate America, a PSA that perfectly illustrates the wage gap.

The video, which is part of Make It Work’s campaign to raise awareness of unequal pay in advance of the 2016 election, features adults buying lemonade from four kids – one boy and three girls. The lemonade is $1, but the girls don’t get paid the dollar… sound familiar?

On average, women are paid $11,000 less per year than men for doing the exact same work.

“I teamed up with Make It Work because so many people either don’t know or won’t talk about the gender pay gap and that does a disservice to every working woman,” Issa Rae said in a news release about the project. “Even I wasn’t aware of how bad the gender pay gap was until the stats were presented to me. I can’t believe we’re literally undervalued in 2015, and I wanted to bring awareness to this issue in my own way. I hope this video does that.”

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