On Instagram yesterday, Gloria Steinem posted a photo of LIBEERATION, a craft beer brewed for menopausal women. Yep, you read that correctly. A beer specifically for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. The Portsmouth Brewery initially introduced the brew in October, and due to overwhelming demand they are back with a second release, available tomorrow December 1st.

In a heavily male dominated industry, this is a breakthrough, says brewery co-owner Joanne Francis in a company press release. “It’s gratifying to see women enjoying LIBEERATION and celebrating this stage in life. We anticipated women who were already beer drinkers would be delighted by its complex flavor, but now it’s clear LIBEERATION is making converts out of folks who didn’t think they liked beer at all.”


Photo credit: Barbara MacLeod

Joanne is a co-owner of The Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose Brewing Company. When she first came up with idea for the brew, her team “guffawed”. “Talking about menopause in a brewery is like suggesting a tofu roast at Christmas. Let’s just say it was… awkward.” After several years of development to bring the idea to market, Joanne persisted.

Consulting with women health practitioners and herbalists, the team came up with ingredients believed to relieve menopausal symptoms such as sleeplessness, hot flashes, and mood swings. The brew is described by the company as “a unique gruit style ale that is golden straw in color with light fruity, earthy flavors. It contains a combination of ingredients including: Motherwort, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Mugwort, Rose, Chickweed, and Damiana with a dose of Saphir hops in the secondary fermentation which adds a pleasant tangerine note to the finish.”

For those lucky enough to live near The Portsmouth Brewery LIBEERATION will be available beginning tomorrow, December 1st on draught and in bottles at their retail store “until it runs out”.

lead photo credit: Chelsey Puffer, republished on Women You Should Know with express permission.