Check this out! Mercy Academy, an all-female Catholic school in Louisville, Kentucky has created a new, dare we say feminist, ad campaign urging students not to wait around for Prince Charming, but to prepare for their own futures.

In an interview that aired on the Today Show yesterday, school principal Amy Elstone said “We knew it was going to be risky going with this message, our girls are growing up in a society where they’re told by their parents that they’re a princess, and our message is that they’re not a princess, they’re so much more.” She adds, “Life is not a fairytale. We are teaching our girls to prepare for real life.”

The ads, created by Doe-Anderson, tell girls You’re not a princess and Life’s not a fairytale, and Don’t wait for a prince… all with the tagline Prepare for real life.

Since the launch of the campaign last week, Principal Elstone has received nothing but positive feedback from Mercy’s student body of over 500 girls and the general public.

The message is also a part of the school’s enrollment video, which you can check out here.

A great campaign from an unlikely source, we say bravo!




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