Art director Suzanne Heintz was fed up with the constant judgment of her single status from friends, family and strangers. So instead of continuing to grin and bear it, she did something about it and got herself a family… but, it’s not what you think.

Suzanne explains her project Life Once Removed.

What would drive you to pack a family of mannequins into your station wagon, and take them on a road trip? Enough pressure to conform will send anyone packing. That’s how I came to this personal project about what is essentially…Spinsterhood, and the American Way.

Well meaning strangers, along with friends and family, would raise an eyebrow when the topic of my unmarried and childless status arose. Indicating with a small facial twitch, not only my audacious freakishness, but that I was a little old for such foolish thinking. I mean, come on, eggs don’t last forever! 

But really, what was I supposed to do? You can’t just go out and buy a family. Or can you? I did.

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All images © Suzanne Heintz