You know those unique catch phrases your mom has been spouting since you were a kid? We’re talking about her special expressions – touching advice, pearls of wisdom, signature witticisms, or wacky world insights – she’s shared over the years that kept you entertained, made you feel loved or caused you to roll your eyes in utter embarrassment.

Well, accomplished author and Woman You Should Know Erin McHugh wants to hear your “momisms”. They might just end up in her new book – “Like My Mother Always Said…” – due out in spring 2014.

Erin McHughWith a gentle nudge from serendipity’s helping hand, the idea for the book came about last fall, while Erin was on a book tour for her ONE GOOD DEED: 365 Days of Trying to Be Just a Little Bit Better. A friend innocently pointed out that Erin often muttered, “Like my mother always said…”

Her friend was not only right, she planted a seed. Erin and her publisher decided that a collection of “momisms” would make great fodder for a book. With that, “Like My Mother Always Said…” was born.

Since, Erin has been compiling all the lovely/crazy/weird things moms everywhere say to their kids growing up. She’s still on the hunt for a few more and would love a quote or two from WYSK readers. Anything from a one-liner to a paragraph-length anecdote will do.

Just so we set you on the right track, she’s looking for the personal stuff, not “Waste not, want not.”, which would be classified as something your mother recycled/ripped off from Benjamin Franklin.

From the submissions Erin has already received, we wanted to know what some of her faves are. She told us, “Well, I tend to go for the nutty ones, though there are tons of very touching quips and anecdotes, too.” She especially loves these gems:

“May is a good month for a facelift.”

“Don’t be so impressed by a man’s car — he could be living in it.”

“If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.”

“Having a toddler is like having a permanently drunk houseguest.”

Erin’s Call For Momisms

Got any “momisms” you’d like to add? Erin would love to hear from you. You can send your submission directly to

IMPORTANT: For any “momisms” that make the cut for inclusion in the book, Erin will attribute each quote (e.g. “Dorothy, mother of Erin”). So be sure to include your Mom’s first name with your submission.

Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and author of more than twenty books of trivia, history, children’s stories, and more.