Over the years, the once abundant and pride evoking Made in the USA label has grown more scarce, thanks to companies taking manufacturing overseas. But the now seemingly rare label is blazing a path on the comeback trail, experiencing a surge in prestige as more and more discerning shoppers demand domestically produced premium products. It is with this in mind that WYSKs Ryan Dempsey Argentieri and Heather French founded LilaMae.com, an online shopping destination offering sophisticated and chic gifts and essentials… all proudly Made in the USA.

Today, you can find a much broader selection of products in the Made in the USA category, taking us way beyond Levi’s and Chevy. Sourcing merchandise from 70 independent manufacturers and artisans from over 30 states, Lila Mae offers a full range of beautifully crafted products including: lotions & potions, accessories for women and men as well as baby items, home décor and artisan foods.

In addition to being 100% Made in the USA, all of the merchandise sold on Lila Mae is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making the site a one-stop-shop for items that not only make you look good, but feel good, too.

“Lila Mae is a solution for shoppers who are looking for unique, high-quality, American-made items that are healthy for our bodies, our minds, and the natural resources we all share,” says Heather. She continues, “With each purchase, we are helping our nation prosper as well as bolstering the livelihood of our neighbors – whether they live around the corner or across the country.”

In addition to beautiful product photography, Lila Mae provides the “Back Story” and the “Green Story” for each item, giving consumers the opportunity to learn more about where the products come from and what makes them environmentally sound. Knowledge surely is power. Lila Mae is committed to only offering products from companies who are conscious of the materials and the production processes they utilize, which helps to keep all of us socially responsible, while remaining in style!

There’s so much to choose from, but here are a few of our WYSKy favorites…

Scotch nail polish


Scotch Nail Polish – A glamorously non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to conventional solvent-based polishes. $15



Eastlake Laptop Sleeve

Alchemy Goods Laptop Sleeve: Who knew that used bicycle inner tubes could be transformed into an oh-so-cool laptop sleeve? $44



Hovey Lee Bracelet

Hovey Lee Bracelet: Recycled, socially responsible jewelry that has a fabulous rocker edge. $135



Crown Maple Syrup


Crown Maple Syrup: Pancakes have never tasted so good with this pairing of meduim and dark amber organic syrups. $36



Alexandra Ferguson Pillow


Alexandra Ferguson Pillows: What’s sexier then getting right to the point. $99


Manny & Simon Frog Stool

Manny & Simon Stool: Give kids a step up with this adorable stool made of 100% post industrial recycled residuals. $90



Sydney Hale Candle


Sydney Hale Candle: The delicious aroma of cocoa and espresso offers decadence without the calories. $28

In addition to being inspired by Ryan and Heather’s passion and patriotism for all things American, we absolutely fell in love with the inspiration behind the name of the brand, Lila Mae, who just happens to be Heather’s grandmother.

Lila Mae VanCott