Over 13 years ago, Linda Lightman, a former lawyer turned stay-at-home-mom, helped her kids sell some of their old video games on eBay. What started out as a simple hobby, quickly transformed into the largest online consignment selling business on eBay in the world, Linda’s Stuff.

Linda has always had a passion for fashion, and once she experienced the success of selling the games online, the self-proclaimed shopaholic began listing her own designer clothing and accessories. When she ran out of her own stuff to sell, she then started selling for her friends, other family members, and so on.

When Linda first started in 2001, eBay was still largely unknown and predominantly dealt in antiques and electronics. There were also few if any luxury consignment sellers in the mix. The online pioneer was one of the very first to create a place for fashion and for women on the auction and shopping site.

Linda has built her business one mouse click at a time, taking it from a one-woman show, to the $20 million a year business it has become today, complete with 85 employees and a 25,000 square foot office.

The company works mostly with a consignment based business model. You send them the goods; they sell them, and then pay you a percentage of the sale. With a loyal following of consignors and clients, the company continues to be a dominant force in the luxury consignment industry.

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