The prolific eBay seller has over 150,000 product listings from $20-$30,000, in a variety of categories, including clothing & accessories, beauty, art, dolls, books, antiques, technology and our favorite, “everything else”.

lindas_stuff_homepageAs CEO, Linda has taken a hands-on approach to running her company and exploring opportunities to expand. She has partnered with other online selling platforms like the flash sale site RueLaLa, and also recently launched her own e-commerce site

Having started her career as a labor/employment attorney, Linda wasn’t afraid to change her path and follow her passion when she discovered the freedom of, and found success in, being her own boss. It isn’t everyday that one woman can inspire an entire cottage industry, but she has clearly proven that you can take a small idea and transform it into a something more – much more.

Linda’s friend Maria put it perfectly when she shared her friend’s story with us:

“Linda dove head first into a new career and business after leaving her first career and raising children. I feel Linda has made a path for women in the business world by showing us that we have the ability to change things in our lives no matter when and no matter the circumstance.”

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