Earlier this week, on Women’s Equality Day, mega beauty brand L’Oréal USA announced that it is the first company in the U.S. to be certified with the EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) global standard for workplace gender equality. Launched at the World Economic Forum in January 2011, the EDGE assessment is the only business certification for gender equality in the workplace that is universally applicable across industries and countries.

According to the company press release, “For the past six months, L’Oréal USA has been participating in EDGE’s certification process, which includes a comprehensive review of the company’s gender policies and practices and a deep analysis of gender data across the entire U.S. workforce of 10,000 employees.  As part of the evaluation, L’Oréal surveyed more than 3,000 employees on gender equality as it pertains to recruitment and promotion, leadership training and mentorship, flexible work, company culture and equal pay for equivalent work.”

The EDGE Certification was granted to L’Oréal USA after an independent verification of the findings by a third-party auditor.

Angela Guy, L’Oréal USA Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, said, “L’Oréal understands that gender equality is critical to our success across all areas of business and also gives us a competitive edge. The EDGE certification brings us a new level of accountability, transparency and a clear understanding of how to benchmark our progress.” She added, “We’re committed to taking leadership on this issue and will continue to develop innovative solutions toward achieving ongoing gender balance.”

“Perhaps L’Oréal USA wants to also rise to the #TruthInAds challenge and sign the Heroes Pledge for advertisers.”

We are big fans of L’Oréal USA’s philanthropic Women Of Worth campaign, we also lauded its Women In Science Fellowship program in 2013. While this latest news about the company’s efforts towards creating an optimal, balanced workplace for men and women is certainly commendable, we do wish that its commitment to pioneering programs of positive change and transparency were a bit more evident in how the global beauty brand continues to market to women… the very women who are the only reason they are in business at all.

We expect more from an innovative brand than ads that continue to prey on women’s insecurities, hide our perceived “flaws” behind the all-perfecting veil of photoshop, and encourage us to seek a manufactured idea “perfection.”

With this new EDGE certification proudly hanging on its walls, perhaps L’Oréal USA wants to also rise to the #TruthInAds challenge and sign the Heroes Pledge for advertisers.

L’Oréal USA’s Current Anti-Aging Campaign with Julianne Moore

Juliann Moore

L’Oréal USA’s Current Lipstick Campaign

perfect lips

L’Oréal USA Campaign with Diane Keaton, 2014 Golden Globes

Diane Keaton

Just moments after Ms. Keaton presented an award on-stage (left), one of her L’Oreal ads (right) was shown during the commercial break. Notice anything different?