“Animals were my passion from even before I could speak apparently. Then when I was about 10, 11 I found the books about Tarzan of the Apes, fell in love with Tarzan, and that was where my dream started.” – Jane Goodall

Back in 2002, veteran science journalist Ira Flatow talked with the pioneering primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist for his long-running Science Friday® program on Public Radio International. In that conversation, which has now been brought to life in video form through the magic of animation, you can hear Jane’s formidable conviction, mixed with her humility and sense of humor as she mimics a chimp call greeting, shares her thoughts on the existence of yetis, describes her first journey to Kenya at age 23, as well as the unpleasant and hostile reception she got at Cambridge as an incoming PhD student.

This is one of the newest videos published by PBS Digital Studio’s Blank on Blank, a brilliant programming platform that remixes vintage interview tapes with new animations, so journalists’ unheard interviews with cultural icons can be transformed and brought back to life. This Jane episode is from their special series, The Experimenters, where they uncover interviews with the icons of science, technology, and innovation.

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