We recently shared our truth. Now in our 8th year of telling women’s untold stories, amplifying their voices, championing their causes, joining their fights, and celebrating each other, Women You Should Know can no longer survive without outside funding. While we continue to fight to find the right long-term solution, we’ve turned to our community in the hopes of rallying their support in the immediate.

We’ve been humbled and blown away by what our ask has inspired from people who value and appreciate the work we do every day. They have extended their generosity to us with contributions of $5 to upwards of $1,000. Each generous act has been accompanied by a heartfelt note. Their messages are a powerful reminder of why we remain driven to do this work.

So read their love notes (a selection of 10 are below), think about what WYSK means to you, and then please consider making a contribution today… we would not ask if the need was not critical. Together, we can save Women You Should Know from fading into obscurity.

Just know we do this work for every individual who has ever been touched by WYSK. We do it because we know women and girls deserve more, and are more in every way.

Love Notes From Supporters

Love Note From Shauna: