Clean & Clear, the skin care brand, recently launched a new campaign called #SeetheRealMe. The campaign is aimed at inspiring teenage girls to “reveal their true selves,” and not let their appearances or imperfections define them.

This video, featuring poet and writer Azure Antoinette, offers an impactful message, along with a sales pitch for its product. And we’re okay with that.

According to the brand, 75% of teen girls want to be seen, but are afraid of being judged. “It isn’t easy being a girl in an age when vanity and social media reign supreme, and where so many people judge you.”

Azure Antoinette’s meaningful prose offers a message of individuality – how the distinct imperfections of each girl are what make her special, and that by embracing who you are, you can be comfortable in your own skin.

“Love everything about you. It’s okay to be different.”

WYSK regularly encourages brands to market to women’s intelligence not our insecurities, so with this empowering and motivating message, Clean & Clear is getting our message loud and clear.

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More About Azure Antoinette

azure_antoinetteCalled “the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation”, Azure Antoinette is a poet, spoken word artist, and youth and arts advocate whose performance poetry explores the ways social media is reshaping humanity. In 2011, she founded an arts-in-education program that provides custom workshops to educate teen girls on performance poetry and social media can make an impact on the world.  In 2012 Azure was included in Forbes magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women in the World in a special section titled “Women Changing the World: Girls.”

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