While Marie Curie was discovering radium, or Dr. Ruth Benerito was developing “permanent press” cotton, or Mary Sherman Morgan was inventing the rocket fuel that saved America’s space program, do you think any of these pioneering ladies were lunching? Not likely… they lacked the time, the respect (in some cases), and the proper lunch bag.

But the creative minds at ThinkGeek have just made it so chemistry rock stars like these women you should know and young chemists in the making never have to forgo enjoying lunch periodically again. Their solution… the LuNCH bag.

“For folks who like their food chilled and their chemistry cool.”

This geek-chic, insulated food/beverage sack spells out the word “lunch” using real periodic elements: Lu (Lutetium), N (Nitrogen), C (Carbon), and H (Hydrogen). Each is printed with its atomic properties, of course. Talk about adding a little chemistry to your midday meal!

So maybe now as Elise Andrew is showing her 17.7+ million Facebook fans “the lighter side of science,” or Professor C. Bodin is analyzing how to mix two colors in one element, or Dr. Angela Belcher is engineering miracles from nature, each of these modern day STEM/chem trailblazers will have more of a reason to take LuNCH and enjoy it.