If you grew up watching and idolizing Lynda Carter play the TV version (1975 – 1979) of the greatest female superhero of all time, then you are going to be as psyched as we are about the Wonder Woman news that came out of New York Comic Con yesterday.

During DC Entertainment’s “DC DIGITAL: DOWNLOAD THIS!” panel, plans were announced for WONDER WOMAN ’77, a new series based on the popular 1970s television series starring Lynda Carter.

YES… a digital version of one of the coolest TV shows ever made. With her kickass portrayal, Lynda made girls want to be Wonder Woman and likely made boys/guys feel threatened, envious and/or inspired… some in an entirely different way (c’mon… she rocked that red, white and blue suit like nobody’s business.)

She showed us that women could have brains, strength, beauty, and the amazing ability to crush any evil force that posed a threat, all while flying an invisible plane.

Let’s not forget her arsenal of badass accessories that we all attempted to fashion out of tin foil and anything else we could find laying around the house just to be like her: the strength inducing magic belt, the bullet stopping bracelets, the weaponized, boomerang-style tiara, and, everyone’s favorite, the magic lasso of truth. Ah… memories.

WONDER WOMAN ’77 will be written by Marc Andreyko with several covers drawn by Nicola Scott. Additional artists for the project will be named in the coming weeks.

The new series will debut digitally in December with six consecutive weekly chapters. These will be collected in two print issues to be released early in 2015. The series will then resume in the spring and appear periodically throughout the year.

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