Sister Cristina Scuccia, a 25 year old, Sicilian native and Ursuline nun, made headlines in June when she won the 2014 season of Italy’s version of “The Voice” after wowing audiences, week after week, with her stripped down versions of 80s pop songs, while dressed in her conservative habit. This week, the gifted singing nun is back in the news, bringing music lovers to their feet, once again, and raising a few eyebrows, with the release of the video for her first single as an official Universal recording artist… Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” (circa 1984).

That song choice may seem as utterly absurd as a singing nun being able to sweep the votes of a music competition TV show, but considering she won after delivering a choreographed rendition of the 1980s hit “What a Feeling” from Flashdance, maybe not so much, especially when you hear Sister Cristina’s thoughts on what “Like A Virgin” means to her.

In an exclusive interview with the Italian newspaper Avvenire, she shared, “I chose it myself. Without any intention to provoke or shock. Reading the text, without being influenced by previous (version), it turns out that it’s a song about the ability of love to make people new. To redeem them from their past. And that’s how I wanted to interpret it. For this we turned the track the from pop-dance that it was, into a romantic ballad a bit like Amos Lee. That is something more akin to a secular prayer than it is a pop song.”

The only discernible similarity between Sister Cristina’s reborn version and Madonna’s original is the fact that they both shot their music videos in Venice (oh… and maybe… their affinity for wearing large crosses, albeit for different reasons). Beyond that, it’s a whole nuther thing.

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The singing nun’s cover of “Like A Virgin” is the fist single off her debut album, Sister Cristina, which has a worldwide release date of November 11th.

We’d love to know what Madge thinks…