Over the last three months, Lianne Moseley has catapulted herself from talented makeup artist to genuine badass, compliments of images she posted to social media showcasing her unique talent. Armed with mad skills, and a makeup application technique we liken to a superpower, she’s able to transform mere mortals into their legendary alter egos with the masterful swipe of her brushes. What’s particularly amazing about the crazy cool look she achieves is that these real, ordinary people appear to be leaping right off the pages of comic books.

Women You Should Know caught up with the Calgary based artist, our latest “WYSK crush,” to try to wrap our heads around how she does what she does – comic book style makeup – so insanely well. As it turns out, she was inspired to put her own spin on this special technique after seeing one of her favorite artists do it.

“This all really did just start out because I was having so much fun turning myself into someone different.”

“I follow a lot of different artists on Instagram, one of them being Argenis Pinal. He painted himself in comic book style and it blew my mind. I immediately showed a friend a picture of it and told him how badly I wanted to attempt it. Thankfully he volunteered!” Lianne gave it a shot and was thrilled with the result. But the best part was that Pinal himself “liked” her picture and commented on it. “From that moment, I was inspired to do more.”

The first character Lianne (re-)created was Sterling Archer, the incredibly vain master spy from the animated comedy, Archer. “I had just finished watching the first season and I was so obsessed with the ridiculousness of his character.” So she turned one of her willing male friends into him, and was quickly prompted to work on improving her execution of the style compliments of a little friendly wager. “After painting up my friend, he and I were debating whether or not he was my best looking work so far, so I bet him that I would make a better looking guy than him.”


(Left): Lianne’s male friend as Archer (Right): Lianne as Archer

With that, one late night, Lianne turned the brushes on herself and magically morphed into Archer, complete with a painted on suit, and a pair of blue contacts. “I posted pictures the next morning of my friend and I both painted up, side-by-side, and asked my friends list who they thought was the better looking guy. I neglected to mention that one of them was me.” A proud Lianne recounted, “Sure enough, I ended up winning.”

And Lianne has been winning at this style of comic book makeup ever since, transforming herself into She-Hulk, Captain Planet, and Green Arrow, booking high-profile gigs, and being recognized for her awesome talent.

“This all really did just start out because I was having so much fun turning myself into someone different. I’ve always been a really big fan of Halloween and this was a way for me to get my fix every couple of weeks whenever I had the time.”


Lianne with model Saul Benary as Aquaman

In terms of how she does it, we’re big fans of her process. “I just blast my favorite music, and paint (with small intermissions to snapchat friends my progress). After I finish painting, I take about a thousand selfies, a bunch of goofy lip-syncing videos, and then I reluctantly shower it all off.” As for the more serious nuts and bolts of her work, Lianne told us she’ll look at the character she wants to do from different angles, find the one with the most detail, and then map it out onto her face or someone else’s. “I do it the same way I would paint on paper.”

But it’s really no surprise that Lianne ended up connecting with and mastering this style of makeup artistry. “I’ve always been really visual with my art. When I was younger I used to sit down and draw characters while watching cartoons. Not much has changed in that respect.” And she makes it a point to thank her parents for putting her in art classes when she was young. “I feel like a lot of my ability to shade and work with paint came from them.”

Check out some of Lianne’s mind boggling work…


Lianne as Green Arrow


Lianne as Captain Planet


Lianne as She-Hulk


Lianne as Sterling Archer


Model Ketzia Shapira as Jean Grey

And here’s a time lapse by photographer Neil Zeller that captures Lianne doing her thing as she paints up Superman for the Where Magazine Calgary March 2015 issue that hit newsstands last Monday.

About The Artist

Lianne Moseley is a freelance makeup artist in Calgary, Alberta, with nearly a decade of experience. Naturally artistic, she began to shine after discovering her passion for all things makeup. Lianne now experiments with new, exciting techniques that span across all genres and media. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Lead photo by Neil Zeller; featuring Lianne with models Felix Burton as Wolverine, Matt Davis as Superman, Kaitlyn Phillips as Wonder Woman/Cheetah, and Grace Okeny as Storm.