Helen Keller once wrote, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” We couldn’t agree more. Our girlfriends are always there for us, giving us a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and telling us exactly how it is. But developing new friendships as an adult doesn’t always come easy. Whether you have relocated to a new town or are just interested in expanding your social circles, finding female friends you can personally connect with can seem somewhat of a challenge in today’s impersonal world. This is exactly the situation Woman You Should Know Janis Kupferer found herself in when in 2008 she relocated to Denver for a job; she was 40 and single and looking to make some new friends.

With making new friends and social connections on the mind, Janis did what any modern woman would do, she headed to the internet – she’d found her job, house and her most recent date online, so why not a new friend? Unfortunately, she was unable to find a website that could connect her to other women for platonic friendship. So, she she solved the problem herself and created the premier, ladies only social networking site, SocialJane.com.

With over 16,000 members and growing, SocialJane is designed to facilitate and foster real-world female friendships, providing women with a quick and convenient way to meet and connect with other like-minded women as friends. The members only site works the same way most online-dating sites do – members post profiles of themselves, provide their demographic information, list interests and hobbies, and write a paragraph about themselves including their reason and objective for joining the site. We wondered if posting a photo was a requirement, and found that it is not, although SocialJane does strongly encourage it.

Once your profile is up and complete, you are able to search through the site’s database using a variety of specific criteria to narrow down matches to those you feel most likely to connect with in terms of a friendship. Criteria can be as simple as putting in a specific zip code to find a friend nearby, or be more customized such age, pet lovers, favorite sports, hobbies, languages you may speak, etc… there are endless search options, making your likelihood of finding someone with similar interests a sure bet. We certainly can’t say the same for the online dating sites!

On the SocialJane website, Kupferer, who is still an avid user of the site herself, explains “My hope is that women who have a desire for a fuller social life, but are feeling a bit shy, will put themselves out there. You don’t have to wait until the next live get-together to meet some new friends. Given the enormous joy and personal benefits that friendships bring to us, why shouldn’t everyone have all the friends they want and need?”

With medical studies confirming that strong friendships not only provide you with a more fulfilling life, but also may help you live longer, we say sign us up!

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