In this script-flipping video, that’s the question being posed by a new, change-demanding social campaign – #CoverTheAthlete. Using actual interview questions that have been posed by journalists to some of the world’s top female athletes, it shows what it would sound like if the very same were lobbed to their male counterparts. It’s an eye-opening look at just how different (and all too often egregiously inappropriate) the media’s coverage of female athletes is.

The end goal of the campaign is to effect much needed change through this powerful call to action:

“Sexist commentary, inappropriate interview questions, and articles commenting on physical appearance not only trivializes a woman’s accomplishments, but also sends a message that a woman’s value is based on her looks, not her ability. And it’s much too commonplace.

It’s time to demand media coverage that focuses on the athlete and her performance, not her hair, clothes or body.

Send a message to a major news network or your own local network and ask them to #CoverTheAthlete”