As the nationally syndicated advice columnist of Ask Amy, Amy Dickinson gets a LOT of letters. Known for her wisdom and wit, she just tells it like it is. So when she received this gem from a reader who calls himself “Curious Guy,” asking why women don’t remove the hair on their arms, she didn’t hold back.


Whether curious or not,  Curious Guy’s uninformed opinions on women’s body hair are NOT okay, and Amy pulls no punches with a brilliant retort, which starts like this:

Dear Curious: Maybe women don’t shave their forearms because they have to work an extra 60 days a year in order to earn the same pay as a man in the same job. That extra time spent trying to make a living really cuts into a typical woman’s primping time.

Bam! But wait… there’s more:

While Amy goes on to acknowledge that some women do choose to shave parts of their bodies, she notes:

…there are just so many hours in a day, my friend. But thank you for noticing and scrutinizing our arm hair. I’m sure the women of the world are relieved you’re not a hater. 

Putting some more feminist fuel on this fire, Amy finishes her response suggesting that perhaps there are some men out there who would like to try out the arm-shaving trend, offering to judge the results herself alongside a committee of women.

Without hating on it (of course).

But of course. Well done Amy, well done!

Image via Twitter