March For Our Lives, the a student-led organization demanding stronger gun violence prevention measures, has released the new PSA Generation Lockdown (**this video contains sensitive content**).

The video, which was filmed in National City, CA, features adults gathering for a “team building event” to learn what to do in the event of an active shooter. But what the adults don’t know is that the meeting is going to be led by “expert” middle school student Kayleigh Webb Sanchez.

According to NPR, a spokesperson for March For Our Lives confirmed that the video was “filmed during a training exercise and was not scripted.”

The message is to bring to bring attention and support of the S.42 Background Check Expansion Act. “A child’s most important lesson shouldn’t be how to survive. We want to learn without fearing for our lives. We want to learn without active shooter drills. We want a better solution to the gun violence epidemic – and we won’t settle for less.”

Read the S.42 Background Check Expansion Act, and to learn ways how you can take action, by visit March For Our Lives.