Earlier this spring, there was a new study released on how playing with different kinds of toys can change a girl’s outlook on life and their future choices. The study compared several types of Barbie dolls with Mrs. Potato Head. The results were interesting and we talked about them here. We were pretty excited to learn that our long lost friend, Mrs. Potato Head, was still going strong and making a positive impact on both girls and boys.

“Girls who played with Barbie thought they could do fewer jobs than boys could do. But girls who played with Mrs. Potato Head reported nearly the same number of possible careers for themselves and for boys.”

And strong she is! Last week author and Brave Girls Alliance colleague Peggy Orenstein posted a picture of Mrs. Potato Head as Wonder Woman on her Facebook page, and we just couldn’t help ourselves by sharing (full disclosure: we ordered one for ourselves).

This awesome mash-up is part of a Hasbro/DC Comic collection, which was released in 2012. The Mrs. Potato Head Wonder Woman version comes with a signature headband, bulletproof bracelets and our favorite accessory… the lasso of truth. We don’t know how we missed this one!

Thanks for sharing Peggy, you made our day!